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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rough Day

Well, the first of 2 "natural" tries before IVF did not work. At first, I didn't put much faith in this cycle anyway knowing that the chances of us conceiving naturally are quite low. However, I was a couple days late and even though I told myself not to, I became very excited thinking this could possibly be our miracle. I'm really bad about getting my hopes up. Anyway, according to our "plan" we have 1 more natural try before beginning the long process of IVF. I say, "plan" because I've recently decided I hate that word and am petitioning for it to be banned completely from the English language. My whole like I've been a "planner." I always have my assignments completed the next day, I am early for everything, I have lists upon lists upon lists all over my house and office. I had a "plan" for my life....or so I thought. I'm starting to think children should not be taught to "plan" their lives. I was and look where it got me. I mean, having goals are one thing, but why plan anything because it seems, nothing happens as planned. There is my vent for the day. I can only hope that my dreams fall into God's master plan and that one day, in His time, it will happen....One day, baby!

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