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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our Anniversary

Today is our 3rd Wedding Anniversary. 3 years ago, neither one of has had any idea the crazy roller-coaster ride we would soon embark upon. We had talked about starting a family for years and I guess like most couples, we assumed it would come easy. Though this time has been trying for us both, I'm actually thankful for it, as crazy as that may sound. J and I have shared so much and been through so much together. It has really brought us closer than ever before. We appreciate each other more and we definitely appreciate life more. And now, seeing his excitement and joy through this journey, It makes me love him so much more. I cannot wait to see him as a father and I know he'll be the best one there is! Most importantly, this journey has brought us closer to God and to our faith which I think is something we both desperately needed. Happy Anniversary J! I cannot wait for our belated anniversary gift to each other!

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Yesterday, we transferred 2 perfect embryos. We even got our first baby picture! J put it on the refrigerator. He is so proud already. J and I were able to watch on the ultra-sound monitor as the embryos were transferred into my uterus. It was amazing. I came home and was ordered to 24 hours bed rest. I also am supposed to take it easy and stay off my feet for the next 3-4 days. Last night, J rubbed and kissed my belly goodnight. The next 2 weeks will be the longest of my life! Tomorrow, I will call to schedule my beta (pregnancy blood test) for 2 weeks from now. I cannot wait to hear the good news!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Embryo Update

The nurse called today with an update. Most of our babies are now 8-celled embryos! We still have 17 growing. However, 9 of them are looking very good, 2 more are pretty good and the remaining 6 are still viable but developing more slowly. She said these are excellent results. My transfer will definitely be on Saturday and she will call tomorrow to schedule that appointment.

I am still feeling VERY bloated and tight in the abdomen. The nurse suggested an anti-hystamine called, "Chlor-Trameton." I have not noticed a difference yet. She also said that it is completely normal. So, as long as I know that, I can deal with it.

I guess my post will be Saturday after our transfer procedure. I am excited about this procedure. I will be fully awake and J and I will be able to see everything on the ultra-sound monitor. How neat?!?!?