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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lows, Highs, and Lows Again (7 weeks pregnant)

Ok...triplets....I cried. At first, we thought, "What? Can we handle three babies at once? Can my body carry triplets? Can we afford triplets?" It was scary to be perfectly honest. But, very exciting at the same time. Now, in the last post, I forgot to mention that Dr. D was VERY nervous about the triplets and was quick to inform us that there was a chance they wouldn't make it. Especially since they were sharing the same sac and we couldn't detect a division between the two of them. Even so, we were happy and never believed that they wouldn't make it. J was immediately excited ecstatic and suggested a celebration dinner. After a week, the news really settled in and we started to picture our future with 3 beautiful babies. We talked about names, finances, etc. Our family all promised that they would come stay with us and help out. We finally started to believe, "We can do this..."

J came with me to my 7 week ultrasound. Thank God he did! First, they looked for Baby C (the fraternal triplet in its own sac.) Good, strong heartbeat. Then, they looked for the twins, Baby A & B. I don't remember exactly what Dr. D said but it was something to the effect of,
"I'm sorry...we're not seeing heartbeats."
Again, I cried. But this time, it was for a much different reason than the previous week. J and I looked at each other. How did this happen? Why? It's not fair! I want all 3 of my babies! Dr assured us that there was no reason why Baby C wouldn't continue to thrive to term. But, my heart was broken for our twins. It still is.

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