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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Embryo Update

The nurse called today with an update. Most of our babies are now 8-celled embryos! We still have 17 growing. However, 9 of them are looking very good, 2 more are pretty good and the remaining 6 are still viable but developing more slowly. She said these are excellent results. My transfer will definitely be on Saturday and she will call tomorrow to schedule that appointment.

I am still feeling VERY bloated and tight in the abdomen. The nurse suggested an anti-hystamine called, "Chlor-Trameton." I have not noticed a difference yet. She also said that it is completely normal. So, as long as I know that, I can deal with it.

I guess my post will be Saturday after our transfer procedure. I am excited about this procedure. I will be fully awake and J and I will be able to see everything on the ultra-sound monitor. How neat?!?!?

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